Saturday, 5 February 2011

~~People sometimes use the phrase"In this big world" & sometimes use"Small world"..what is the world exactly?:)
~~It is just you,who have everything...:)
~~More u think more u will go mad....
~~If u are getting all which you are planned then u r best! If nt check your willpower & strategies!
~Truth of life is just belive urself and make as strong as u can..
~~U finds me philosophical i.e. because u just failed to uderstand my emotions.
I am happy to make century of my blog.Thats was just because of my papa's dream i have been continually writing poems and my thoughts.These days i really don't feel to write anything.But because of God's  gift i can write everything and on every topic.Although i don't want to write it.I am very happy that i am successful in writing.I will devote all my writing to my parents and if possible i will write always. Celebrating this day!Happy Century.