Monday, 21 January 2013


वेचलेले सगळेच,
पेरण्यासारखे  नसते.
मुठीत आलेले सगळे,
झेलण्यासारखे नसते.

असे कितीसे व्यर्थ,
येउन मिळते आपल्याला.
अर्थ नसतात त्याला,
जाणीव असते आपल्याला.

म्हणून म्हणतात काहीकाही.
सोडून  द्यायचे असते. 
नाहीतर इवलेशे मनपिल्लू,
त्याला देखील फसते. 

अस्मिता :)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Its been a long time i didn't write anything.The only reason is these days am getting blocked and although i wish to write something interesting I can' t.I learnt a term in my graduation writer's that's perfectly fine.but this new year i decided to write  as more as possible and shard my kind everyday written blog and spend some more interesting time with you people.Hope i will follow it rather my mind..:-)Wishing you all Happy puppy new year!