Thursday, 28 January 2010


When i was in 3rd year BA,i tried to prove best of mine.People can say now that everyone in that age use to try something and wants to prove something.It may be a right.But i am a bit diffrent in this case.i was totally zero in skills and was busy in routine student life.but always had a feeling that something remains to do.only reading book is not enough for personality developement.
At a day,when i was busy in reading book feels to improve my skill sets.i started participatiing in various activites like anchoring,singing.when i started doing anchoring i was very scare to do it and stand on stage.but my decision was i made my mind not to sacre and decided to give best performance.i achive it in 2nd performance and got much confidance.after that i never scare doing anchoring.most of time i did'nt followed the script but i controlled my full programme.anchoring beacomes very intresting thing for me that days.Once at NSS camp i did anchoring but i think i need some change.i decided to do experiment.our principles,all my teachers were very happy.even guest was very happy by my starting.but at the end i started my experiment by saying that the guest had given us very imprtant things.and started some some nice point which was very best.but on the side of the page i have seen my another ponits and started saying that all.It contains most of all the points said by the guest.i get that i am going on wrong track.The guest fastly asked me,"r u going to tell all my speech?".I give a smile.and said,"no".and ignoring that page handle it very skillfully.i know what i did and my principle sir also.He was very happy for me.After this incident he always insisted to be a anchor in every function,in every lecture.It may be a turing point.
Days after days gone.i was selected in inter-college competition.and played badmintion match i win and one lose.but i tried.i was told by many friends that guitar is hard to learn.i passed one exam successfully.i started anchoring in orchestra group at outside.after that i was famous student in my college.
Dance was never tried by me before.Now i take turn on it.I started in group dance.and participated in inter-college competition and got atleast 3rd award for was nice day.My garduation days were comes to end so it was the time of gathering.In it a participated anchhoring,one fancy dress and one group dance.It was hard to me to do other things with anchhoring.i did my best in it also.i get prizes.Although it was a hectic day,but a most memorable day of mine.i was very happy.when i got prizes.i was not happy because i got prizes.but ahppy for what i decided i completed it with this much glorrious prizes.i feel very bad why i dind't tried before?In that days i also performed various activites like group leader of the NSS.i got award for that.Teachers and principle were askd me why did'nt shows my sparkle from 1st year of BA?you have varios it to all." smiled and gave answer,"because i did'nt tried.but i will"
And started thinking what is the next goal?...


  1. Hey Dear keep it up....My Best wishes are always with youuuuu!!!!

  2. well its inspiring for one and all... especially for the student community, or anyone who wants to achieve something in life,you have used a very simple language and an illustrations which any of us can relate to.
    way to go man.